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Object NameTitleTelescopeStatus
NGC7217An observation of NGC7217Skinakascancelled
NGC7217NGC7217 (for supernova hunting and more!)Skinakascancelled
NGC 3187Search of supernovaeLiverpoolcancelled
NGC 3187Searh of supernovaeLiverpoolcancelled
NGC 3883search of supernovaeLiverpoolcancelled
NGC 3507NGC 3507Liverpoolcancelled
NGC 2487Multi observation of NGC 287Liverpoolcancelled
NGC 3187To go see some starsLiverpoolO.K.
NGC5466a view of NGC5466SGAOcancelled
NGC278a view of NGC278SkinakasO.K.
NGC 266a view of NGC 266LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 524NGC 524Liverpoolcancelled
NGC5908NGC5908 - all filtersSkinakascancelled
NGC 6674An observation of NGC 6674LiverpoolO.K.
NGC4981astronomical observation by KaySkinakasO.K.
NGC4880Searh of SupernovaeSkinakascancelled
NGC7785NGC7785 galaxySkinakascancelled
NGC4995NGC 4995SkinakasO.K.
MCG+06-23-20Photometry B-V of Supernovae 2006bkSkinakasO.K.
UGC 4468Photometry B-V of Supernvovae 2006bbSkinakasO.K.
UGC 4468Photometry B-V of Supernovae 2006bbSkinakasO.K.
NGC 6632Search of supernovaeLiverpoolO.K.
NGC 5908Seach of supernovaeLiverpoolO.K.
NGC 5908Seach of supernovaeLiverpoolO.K.
NGC 5850Search of SupernovaeLiverpoolO.K.
NGC 5846Serach of SupernovaeLiverpoolO.K.
NGC 5371Search of SupernovaeLiverpoolcancelled
NGC 4389Morphology of galaxiesLiverpoolcancelled
NGC 4278Morphology of galaxiesLiverpoolcancelled
M31ANDROMEDA -INFRAREDSkinakascancelled
M97Search of novaeLiverpoolcancelled
UGC A417:Liverpoolcancelled
UGC 4468Photometry V-B Supernova 2006bbLiverpoolpending
M 33Search of supernovaeLiverpoolpending
NGC 1032An observation of NGC 1032LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 1161An observation of NGC 1161LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 2339An observation of NGC 2339LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 2487An observation of NGC 2487LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 266An observation of NGC 266LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 2776An observation of NGC 2776LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 3187An observation of NGC 3187LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 3193An observation of NGC 3193LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 3507An observation of NGC 3507LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 3998An observation of NGC 3998LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 524An observation of NGC 524LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 691An observation of NGC 691LiverpoolO.K.
NGC 7479An observation of NGC 7479LiverpoolO.K.
M51An observation of M51EudoxosO.K.